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How Pure Maple Syrup is Made

Pure maple syrup comes from trees at least 40 years old, tapped for only a few weeks every spring for clear "sugar water" sap. It takes about 40 gallons of sap--the annual output of four trees--to produce one gallon of syrup. The sap is boiled down at "sugar houses" in an evaporator which slowly darkens and thickens the syrup to the required level of concentrated sweetness. In Quebec, where 90% of all maple syrup comes from, about 30 million trees are tapped annually with the sap being boiled down in about 9,000 sugar houses. Later, the syrup is hot-packed and sealed into sterile containers, ensuring the purity and freshness of every drop you buy.

Here are pictures of a small old-fashioned "sugar bush" and "sugar house".

Tapping the Trees

Collecting the sugar water

The sugar house

The evaporator

Nature's Own Blend

Pure maple syrup is nature's own blend of sucrose, fructose, and glucose. The subtle and complex natural flavor elements of maple sap--unique to this tree--make a taste that is impossible to reproduce artificially. Spring Tree® Pure Maple Syrup contains only the boiled down sap of the North American Sugar Maple and is certified Kosher. The tree gives it to us straight and pure.

Uses of Pure Maple Syrup

Spring Tree® Pure Maple Syrup is a must on pancakes, waffles, French toast and oatmeal. Those looking for an all-purpose alternative to refined sugar find maple syrup a "natural" in yogurt, coffee and tea, breads, cakes, baked beans, carrots, squash, yams, baked apples, and applesauce. Wherever you now use sugar, honey or molasses, you can use Spring Tree® Pure Maple Syrup.

About Grade A and Grade B Pure Maple Syrup

The natural sap of the tree after boiling down can range in color from very light to very dark depending on the day the syrup is flowing. Grade A has lighter color and lighter maple flavor. Grade B has darker color with bolder, sweeter maple flavor. Grades A and B have the same uses. In the end, the only difference between grade A and B is personal preference.

About Organic Certification

Because pure maple syrup comes from mature trees in a wild environment, no pesticides nor herbicides are ever needed. Spring Tree® maple syrup is 100% pure and all natural. For those seeking added reassurance that the forest is maintained responsibly or that fundamental packing procedures are followed, Spring Tree also offers third party certified organic pure maple syrup by Quality Assurance International ["QAI"].