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Effective March 2, 2010, Specialty Brands of America, Inc. has sold the Original Trenton Crackers (OTC) line of products to Panorama Foods, Inc.

Panorama Foods will continue to provide the great tasting OTC Oyster Crackers and Wine Crackers that have been demanded by consumers for over 150 years!

At Specialty Brands of America, Inc. we would like to thank you for your past support and we ask that you continue to support Panorama in its mission to provide consumers with the OTC products.

Click on the following link to contact Panorama Foods.

For over 150 years, OTC® Oyster Crackers have been delighting generations of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey diners.

The oyster crackers were introduced in Trenton, NJ in 1847 by an English immigrant, Adam Exton. Exton conceived the idea of baking a cracker to be used in oyster stews. In those days, oysters were as popular as shrimp today. As the saying went: "Six oysters a day will help keep the doctor away."

In 1848, one year after the Exton crackers arrived on the Trenton scene, Ezekiel Pullen began baking an "Original Trenton Cracker" in the kitchen of his home. He sold his crackers from the back of his wagon as he made his way along Trenton streets. Both businesses grew as a craze for oysters developed in the 1860's and 1870's. OTC's ® became available from wooden barrels in neighborhood stores and in seafood restaurants. During the Civil War, the Exton company supplied its crackers to the Union army.

In 1887 Christopher Cartlidge bought the Pullen Cracker Co and renamed it Original Trenton Cracker Company. In 1962, after 115 years of rivalry, the Cartlidge family bought the Exton company, making it at last the one and only "Original Trenton Cracker." Specialty Brands of America owns the OTC® brand since 1993.

What sets apart O.T.C's ® from any other oyster cracker is their firm texture. The secret of O.T.C's ® lies in the time consuming preparation and baking. The dough is given hours to rise naturally. Then it is kneaded and layered over and over. The crackers are stamped in rounded form and baked very slowly. So you get crackers that are crisp and crunchy all the way through.

OTC's ® are traditionally served with oyster stews and soups where they remain crisp to the last spoonful. They are perfect partners to seafood and salads. They are also popular as a snack, either alone or with a dab of horseradish or cocktail sauce to add a bit of zip.

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