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Over 90% of the mail and phone calls to Specialty Brands of America, Inc. ["SBA"] are inquiries about where or how to buy our products.

Where can I find your product?

  1. Sugar Free Syrups. You can find our sugar free syrup brands in the syrup section of practically every grocery and military store in the U.S.
  2. Pure Maple Syrups. You can find our pure maple syrup brands in the syrup section of practically every grocery, club, natural foods and military store in the U.S
  3. Canoleo®. In the refrigerated section of almost all natural food stores. Also in many supermarkets in the Northeast and on the West Coast.
  4. New York Flatbreads®. In the deli section or cracker aisle of most supermarkets in the Northeast and Florida. Also in various supermarkets and specialty stores across the country.
  5. Bear Creek® soups can be found in the soup aisle of most supermarkets across the country. You may also order them online via the link provided on our Bear Creek® pages within this site. IMPORTANT NOTE: When ordering via the link provided, you are leaving our website and purchasing the product from one of our distributors directly, not from SBA. Any questions or concerns related to your order should be directed to the customer service number provided within the “Contact Store” button within the link.

Check your regular store. Ask your store manager. If you do not find our product, contact us and tell us the specific product you are looking for and the city and state you live in.

Can I buy your product directly from you?

SBA sells its products through food stores. We will sell New York Flatbreads® to those enthusiasts who cannot conveniently buy it near their home. The price is $30 per case of 12 packages, UPS delivery and handling included. Payment is by check only, no credit cards. Click here for our order form and instructions or contact us and we will send a form to you.

Product Information

SBA has a variety of brands serving a variety of consumers. Please send your specific product question to the address below.

How to contact us:

e-mail: or Phone Message: 516-333-9326