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Cary's® Pure Maple Syrup

Cary's® is the oldest brand of real maple syrup in the U.S. Its heritage goes back to George Cary who founded the Cary Maple Sugar Company in 1904 in St Johnsbury, Vt. Cary successfully promoted the use of maple sugar for flavoring tobacco. In the early 20's, he introduced to retail stores pure maple syrup in tins. Cary's® remains the third largest pure maple syrup brand in the U.S. Cary's® is available in 8-oz and 12.5-oz bottles.


Cary's® Sugar Free Syrup

In 1972, the makers of Cary's decided to bring the flavor of maple syrup in a sugar free product. It was an immediate hit. Soon Cary's® Sugar Free Syrup became available in stores nationwide. Today, 30 years later, after many improvements in taste and packaging (including an economical 24-oz size) Cary's® remains America's leading sugar free syrup. You can find Cary's® Sugar Free in practically every grocery store and in most restaurants serving breakfast.


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